We get the risk.
You get the benefit

Fertility Patients are looking for 100% Refund Guarantee Programs. Does your clinic offer them?

Redia is the leading provider of Refund Guarantee Fertility Programs in Europe and it is now expanding its operations globally. We partner with fertility clinics in more than 12 countries who outsource all risk for refund programs to us.

Why you should partner with Redia IVF?

Boost your Branding

By offering Refund Guarantee IVF and Egg Donation Programs, you increase your quality branding awareness among fertility patients. Your clinic will develop further the perception of trust, knowing that fertility patients will be guaranteed to get their desired outcome or their money back.

Extra Bonus incentive

As a way of thanking our partner clinics for the patients they refer to our Refund Guarantee Programs, we offer you an extra bonus, on top of payments for treatment. This extra bonus is the 10% of any profit we make from those patients.

Outsource all risk to us

While getting all the benefits from offering Refund Guarantee Programs, you don’t get any of the risks for potential losses and refunds. We take all such responsibility from you and so you get the benefits and we get the risks.

More Visibility

Redia is developing its independent marketing strategy and so in addition to patients brought into the programs from clinics, we also recruit fertility patients and refer them to you. Our partner clinics are promoted on our website, our marketing materials and at any exhibition, show and event we participate.

What is the Refund Guarantee Program?

Our program includes up to 3 stimulation cycles with either own or donor eggs. It includes all medication costs for those cycles, both for stimulation and for endometrial preparation. It can also include partner or donor sperm. Any amount of embryo transfers, depending on how many blastocysts are produced, are included in the program cost. Freezing costs and storage for one year as well as lab associated costs, such as ICSI and blastocyst culture are also included making the program an All-Inclusive one. In case no Live Birth is achieved after all cycles and transfers, the patient is getting a full money back refund, in most cases or 50% refund in some cases, depending on the specific program.

Program development

All of our program prices are tailor made to each individual partner clinic, based on the clinic’s prices and success rates. We offer 100% refund guarantee programs to patients up to 37 years of age for own egg IVF and to patients with no specific age limit for egg donation. Our 50% refund guarantee program is for patients between 38 and 39 for own egg IVF.

Apart from age criteria, we also apply medical criteria for eligibility. We ask patient to submit recent hormonal tests and scans as well as semen exams before we confirm their eligibility to join the program.


Dimitris Kavakas, PhD


PhD in International Relations and Executive MBA. Several years of experience in University teaching and research and student recruitment marketing. More than 8 years in fertility marketing. Founded Redia Ltd 4 years ago and started the ivftravel project 3 years ago.

Dimitris is the founder and owner of 100% of Redia Ltd

Dr Harry Hiniadis


UK and France educated gynecologist and fertility expert. One of the most reputable fertility doctors in Greece. Founder of Be-Live NGO that offers free IVF to poor couples. Harris is the Senior Medical Advisor and Member of the Board of Redia Ltd.

Claudia Martínez del Hoyo


Claudia is a translator (Spanish, English, Italian, French, Catalan), has extensive experience in communication and international relations, and has worked in the linguistic, cultural and medical sector as a project manager since 2012. In 2017 she specialised in the field of fertility and assisted reproduction and has worked as an international medical coordinator since then, contributing to patient care and business expansion alongside colleagues and professionals in the sector.

Irene Tsenekidou


Irene is an English-speaking coordinator responsible both for sales and customer service of Redia patients

Beniam Burje

Technology Manager

Beniam is an IT expert responsible for Redia’s website development and support as well as all graphic design and media production.

Dr Bronwyn Devine


Senior fertility specialized in Sydney, Australia. Medical director of a clinic in Monash IVF a large Fertility Clinic Group

Dr Rina Agrawal


One of the most prestigious fertility doctors in the UK.

Dr. Vasiliki A. Moragianni


One of the most successful young fertility doctors in the East Coast of the US

How does it work?

Please click the button and tell us that you are interested. We will contact you to start the partnering process.


We will ask for certain statistical data from your clinic as well as your full price list.

Risk Free

Your clinic advertises and promotes our refund guarantee programs along with your IVF treatments to potential patients and in case of interest and given that they satisfy the eligibility criteria, Redia signs a contract with them. Patients pay Redia the full amount of the treatment and Redia pays the clinic for every treatment. Redia is responsible for all the risk of losses and refunds to patients. For all patients referred to the program by the clinic, Redia shares 10% of any profits made as an extra bonus.

Price Adjustments and Training

With the data provided, we will calculate prices for each program and share those with you. In addition, we will offer full training for your sales team and IVF coordinators who will be communicating with intended patients.


Finally, Redia promotes all partner clinics on its website, its online marketing and other promotional activities, including Fertility Shows and exhibitions and any type of events.

All the benefits but no risk for your clinic!

While getting all the benefits from offering Refund Guarantee Programs, you don’t get any of the risks for potential losses and refunds. We take all such responsibility from you and so you get the benefits and we get the risks.