Our offer to your clinic is bespoke Strategic Plan that includes 5 Reports

Redia is the only business consultancy that specializes in working with international fertility clinics and assists with the development of a strategic plan which offers the following:

1-A Report assessing the internal organization of the international department: After studying your clinic we draft a report and make practical, operational recommendations that are designed to maximize the number of international patients without compromising on quality.

2-A Report on market targeting: This report will highlight the real strengths of your clinic and identify the specific markets in which you have a competitive advantage. Using this information the report will recommend the use of the most appropriate packaging of treatments and pricing for each specific market.

3-A Report on market segmentation and marketing: This will look at the target groups that you can attract to your clinic for each specific treatment you offer. It will also make suggestions on marketing tools and methods that are needed in order to approach each target group.

4-A Report on Language and Communication: This will analyse your target markets and demonstrate the advantages of using a sophisticated communication strategy that considers cultural and ethnic characteristics. The report will assist with writing and editing of marketing texts from the website to brochures and leaflets.

5-A Report on partnership development, online marketing and social media: This report will consider and recommend the viability of partnership working that might increase patient numbers; the use of online promotion and marketing to include website and the use of social media in creating, maintaining and developing a highly visible point of contact for international patients.


How does it work?

After signing the contract, our team of consultants will visit your clinic for a two-day visit in order to get to know your organization and collect all information needed to write the reports.


Following the visit, our consultants will draft the reports within the period of 2-3 months and repeat a visit to your clinic to submit the reports and make a formal presentation of them.

What happens next?

The Strategic Plan with its 5 reports is considered as an individual project and is priced as such. You do not have any further obligations. However, if you do want additional support from Redia, we offer an on-going implementation support service in all or in any of the 5 areas of your choice and agree on a monthly support fee.