Why international strategic planning is so important?

In a global environment where fertility clinics compete to attract international patients who are looking for treatment abroad, it is vital to have a system of strategic planning in place for a number of reasons:



To develop an internal system of control, service and administration of international patients in order to be able to increase numbers whilst maintaining quality.



To be able to segment the market; identify specific target groups that are most likely to be attracted to the clinic and use the most efficient and appropriate marketing tools and methods.

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To develop strategic partnerships for sales improvement and to learn how to use online marketing and social media for public relation and promotion.



To be able to target specific markets according to the strengths of the clinics.

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To be able to design specific packages for international patients for different markets and appropriate pricing.



To develop appropriate use of language to create effective marketing literature that will attract international patients and learn how to use slogan and marketing texts to promote the clinic.


High profile strategic planning consultancy to boost your international sales and marketing and rapidly increase numbers of international patients to your clinic.


All members of our consultancy team are senior experts in business development, international marketing and sales specifically in the fertility industry.
Apart from the regular consultants, Redia is using a number of external contractors in specific areas according to need. Our main focus is to deliver a strategic plan that will make our partner clinic succeed in boosting their international sales.


How does it work?

After signing the contract, our team of consultants will visit your clinic for a two-day visit in order to get to know your organization and collect all information needed to write the reports.


Following the visit, our consultants will draft the reports within the period of 2-3 months and repeat a visit to your clinic to submit the reports and make a formal presentation of them.

What happens next?

The Strategic Plan with its 5 reports is considered as an individual project and is priced as such. You do not have any further obligations. However, if you do want additional support from Redia, we offer an on-going implementation support service in all or in any of the 5 areas of your choice and agree on a monthly support fee.